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September, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 18)
Stressful School Daze: Simple Strategies to Reduce School Stress

Missing those lazy days of summer already? With school back in session, children and parents alike are feeling stressed as they transition to daily homework deadlines, after-school activities and seemingly constant "drop me off here, pick me up there" needs. What are families to do? Consider these strategies for relieving school stress all school year round.

Learn How to Relax

Take a Deep Breath

Cancer Defense Strategies

The Power of Nutrition

The ABCs of Good Health

10 Key Vitamins and Minerals

Exercise Safety Tips

Treating Shin Splints

How to Achieve All
Your Fitness Goals

Are you ready to reach your fitness goals? Step one is completing an overall assessment of what you want to achieve and when. The easiest goals to achieve are those that are clearly defined. Start by setting a goal that is challenging to meet. Be specific. Here are more tactics to help you achieve and maintain the body you want.

The Art of Eating Clean: What It Means

Increasingly we hear that in order to be healthy, we must "eat clean." But what does that mean exactly? It means eating real food. You might be thinking that all foods are real food, but that is not the case. Eating clean requires effort and consciousness on your behalf. Here are some ways to begin eating clean today.

Train Your Brain to Crave the Right Foods

You can train your brain to do just about anything – recall long strings of numbers or countless steps to complete a task; even when to fall asleep and wake up. But what about training your brain to crave healthy foods? According to a recent study, your brain indeed possesses the capacity to "learn" how to eat right.

Detox 101 for Athletes

The success of a metabolic detoxification program can be maximized by using nutrients, vitamins and herbs to balance and support the body's detoxification pathways. Here's how to enhance performance.

10 Ways to Be Happier

Everyone wants to be happier, or at least more fulfilled. Believe it or not, it's not as difficult as you think. If you make small efforts on daily basis, daily satisfaction is possible. Here are 10 ways to do it.