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July, 2016 (Vol. 10, Issue 15)
3 Overlooked Causes of Stress
and How to Eliminate Them

Combating stress before it starts is key to managing it, which means identifying the causes – some of which are commonly overlooked as stress triggers. Are you unknowingly creating stress in your life in any of the following areas? Let's review three overlooked causes of stress and how to eliminate them.

Take It to a New Level

Time to Give Yourself a Natural Energy Boost

Playing the Numbers

5 Reasons You Should Care About Your Cholesterol

When Your Eating Habits Turn Deadly

Understanding the Foods Cancer Loves

Mother's Milk

Why Breastfeeding Is So Good for Your Baby (and You)

A Little (Good) Fat
Goes a Long Way

For years, we were taught to avoid all fat at all costs if we wanted to maintain a healthy weight and avoid cardio-vascular disease and other health scares. But times they are a changin', and research is supporting the value of healthy fats for promoting longevity.

It's Time to Take the
Isometric Challenge

Have your workouts been in a downward spiral lately? Have you been doing less and less physical activity? Are once pain-free activities you used to perform now causing you pain? If so, you might want to resume your workout program by focusing on isometric exercises. Here's how to get started.

Sunscreen Done Wrong (and Done Right)

You're prepped for another glorious day outdoors, which means your ready-to-go bag includes sunscreen. But will you end your day with a nasty sunburn that could eventually increase your risk of skin cancer? It all depends on whether you're applying that sunscreen correctly.

The Right Way to Lose the Weight

What matters most for weight loss: low carb, low fat or something else? Get the answers here.

Learn the Secrets to Longevity

When it comes to health and longevity, our best teachers may be the ones who live the longest.

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