To Your Health Newsletter

October, 2014 (Vol. 08, Issue 21)
Beat the Blues With Exercise

Depression is a serious health issue, whether we're talking clinical depression (major depressive disorder), mild depression, seasonal affective disorder (depressive symptoms felt only during the fall / winter months), or just "feeling blue." Fortunately, there's a simple, natural solution to help deal with depression: exercise. Here are some of the science-based reasons why exercise may help reduce the symptoms of depression.

Bad News for Back Surgery

Ineffective and Costly

Improve Your Flexibility

Stretch Your Limits

The Skinny on Weight Loss

The Sensible, Simple Route to Slim

Consumer Safety Alert

Beware of Energy Drinks

Calcium Reduces Risk of Colorectal Cancer

A meta-analysis published in 2014 in the International Journal of Cancer provides additional evidence that higher calcium intake, including calcium supplements, is associated with a significant reduction in risk of colorectal cancer.

5 Must-Know Fitness Principles to Follow

Contrary to what you may read in your Facebook feed or junk email box, there's no "magic pill" when it comes to fitness. Staying in shape requires work and determination. Follow these simple, basic principles to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals for life.

A Painful Day Off: The Impact of Chronic Pain

According to a recent study published in the peer-reviewed research journal Spine, workers suffering from chronic pain are more likely be absent from work – and more likely to stay absent – compared to workers not suffering from chronic pain.

Pay It Forward

The best advice to get what you want is often to give more of it first. If you want more love in your life, start showing more love to those around you; if you want to look and feel healthier, perhaps the answer lies in what you can do to maximize others' health & wellness.

Good Sleep = Good Pregnancy

Our circadian rhythm is set by the natural day / night cycle and is associated with many biological processes. And research suggests when that rhythm is off, it can have a negative impact on female reproduction. Here's why you need regular sleep when you are expecting.